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How to play?
  • Get registered
  • Nickname: your character name
  • Nickname length must be between 4 and 16 characters
  • Password should contain uppercase, lowercase letters and numbers
  • Password length must be between 8 and 24 characters
The Map
Basic global map.
  1. You can open your Profile by click on character icon
  2. That menu contains your balances in gems, Social points and $TIN
  3. Green areas are available to interact
  4. Yellow areas are still waiting for players to donate resourses
  • You can earn experience and gems in battle
  • Match 3 or more red gems in row to attack
  • Violet gems attack with halved strengh and accumulate mana for magic attack
  • Yellow gems can't attack, but they accumulate a lot of mana for magic attack
  • Blue gems use auto-skill, for now - enemy armor reduction
  • Green gems restore your health
  • You can check out enemy's stats by clicking on its icon, same for yours
  • You can see and manage your level, basic and combat stats in profile.
  • To improve a character you need to have skill points, they are given out after gaining a level
  • Collected gems are used to distribute points among the base characteristics
  • You are passively gaining health and armor by getting new level
  • By distributing skill points for gems, you randomly improve the base characteristics that your combat parameters depend on
  • You can change the total value of the current allocation, but this will cost additional gems
Base and combat parameters
  • Strengh - increases Attack and Health
  • Dexterity - increases Critical Damage and Armor
  • Intelligence - increases Magic Attack and Magic Shield
  • Stamina - increases Health and Armor
  • Wisdom - increases Magic Shield and Critical Damage
  • Intuition - slightly increases Attack and Magic Attack, as well as the number of gems you get as a reward.
Game mechanics
Clearing - a unique mode focused on clearing the location of monsters
  • The progress of fauna destruction is common among heroes, not individual
  • By completing clearing, you contribute to the development of the camp and get Social points as a reward.
  • When all fauna in the location is cleared, the location will be under the control of the heroes.
Vanguard - in this mode you will have to fight waves of monsters until the hero falls
  • In exchange for gems, you will get a lot of experience
  • Players have 1 entrance to Vanguard per day (If you have VIP - 2 entrances).
Camp Defense - Here the heroes fight for the safety of the camp, being rewarded with the usual amount of experience and gems.

The camp is the starting point of the heroes
  • At the moment you have access to the Rating board and the In-game store (see below)
  • Collecting resources for the construction of the exchange - a future tool for exchanging gems for TIN and vice versa
In the TIN store you can buy:
  • VIP - increases all the rewards you receive by 100%
  • Combat Boosters - increases your combat stats
  • Gem Boosters - adds the gems you bought the booster for to your reward
The ranking table is presented in 4 sections, with the top 100 players in each section
  • Periodically there are tournaments held in different categories, at the end of which the winning players are awarded according to the rating in the category
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