Cross-platform MMORPG
with "Match 3" game mechanics
Player's goal: build a reverse portal to our world to transform the game into a full-fledged MetaUniverse
Each piece of equipment will have to be created by the players themselves, and can later be exchanged in the in-game auction.
In "IN", players will have to explore, adapt and conquer a new world, and the casual combat system will allow the experience of epic battles from the usual monster hunting to global battles between clans for world bosses.
The ever-changing storyline, forces all players to engage in daily challenges, many of which will never be repeated.
And the development of the city and the construction of new buildings will unlock new functionality in the game, at the general choice of the players.
The game's combat system:
Hunting, Dungeons, (group and solo), Tower, Wave Battle mechanics, Mass Battles,
Cube (Maze), Rift, Arena (PvP), Clans (Mass PvP), World Bosses.
Exchange of gems for $TIN
Auction of in-game valuables
Renting buildings
Voting for city development
Tournaments and betting system
Grades and various parameter gains as you level up, forming classes.
Every day, chronicles of the game are released:
"Professor's Diary Entries"
Active players get into the chronicles and receive in-game rewards.
killed the most monsters
lost the most
rapid pace of progress
guessed the professor's question
left an interesting comment
unconventional approach to the game
answered questions from newcomers
contribution to lore development (anecdote, meme)
The Chronicles of the Professor
Chronicle Selection:
Already discovered by the players:
The players (Heroes) travel to the world of "IN" to help the professor, knowing that they will have to build the return portal themselves, and it may be a one-way trip.
The first Heroes arrive in the midst of the Professor's battle with the monsters, and quickly pick up the battle system. An endless battle ensues.
Heroes unlock the ability to gain experience, level up and improve their parameters.
The professor's colleague who is left in our world is putting together a simulation to train the heroes before entering the portal (registration).
Heroes passing through the portal have different grades and their differences from each other are revealed.
Opened store for $TIN: premium accounts, boosts, boosters.
The lunar cycle affects the reward for winning a battle: a full moon multiplies by 2, a new moon divides the reward in half.
The professor's colleague, sends with each new hero, his tally of hero stats (open ranking).

Player power ranking is open, every lunar cycle the professor pays out Top 100 rewards

The heroes ventured into the thicket of the forest to explore, and discovered a deposit of gems.

Heroes unlocked a new kind of Vanguard combat: wave-based combat mechanics.

Exterminated a species of DIKAS monsters, expected a boss to appear, 2 new monsters appeared.
The spirit of Dikas came on Halloween: 50% chance to either kill or die with one hit, victory generously rewards gems.

Before the start of the game:
A professor was working in a lab, an explosion, and he woke up in a new world.
Turns out the portal to this world is one-way and there is no turning back, yet.
The world is very beautiful and dotted with gems, the professor began to explore the world around him.
First encounter with the monster, discovering that when you add 3 gems together it releases energy.
Discovering all types of gems and working with that energy.
The main stages of the plot
The professor's experiments have caused monsters to attack him, the professor engages in battle, but the monsters keep coming and coming.
The outcome of winning the endless battle will be the establishment of the first base camp.
In the base camp there will be an exchange of gems for $TIN (and the ability to withdraw $TIN from the game), the chronicles of the game will be available in the game.
Locations will be explored around the camp, but they will be dotted with monsters and will need to be cleared for exploration.
New locations will be available to mine materials and resources to build a city.
The tree of city development and technology in the buildings will be extensive.
Which buildings to build in the city will be decided by the TOP players.
Somehow it will be unlocked to explore the following locations, which will have dungeons, rifts, towers, mazes, and more.
From a certain level of city development, it will appear to rent buildings or locations for $TIN to receive tax from ownership (passive income).
Rumors about the future:

The "IN" token is the utility token of OnGame's "IN" project, it serves as a premium currency for in-game purchases, and the in-game exchange allows players to earn and sell in-game gems in exchange for TINs.
The mechanics of exchanging in-game currency for premium currency and back, involves a live auction of supply and demand between players and is formed by the community itself.
Required for:
premium subscription purchases
Farm multiplier (experience, gems)
buying and selling in-game valuables (trophies, equipment, etc.) on the in-game market.
getting premium boxes with top-grade heroes and items of the highest value
auctions of super quality outfit items (of the highest rarity)
PVE boosters (for combat performance, for time)
IN heroes can be transferred between player accounts as NFTs, retaining their level and distribution.
Discover skills
Raise the specs
Change grades
Come up with a unique
Or follow ready-made builds
Reach the top faster than the rest
Combat mechanics "match3"
-Common auto-attack
-Mana accumulation
-Auto skill
-Mana Accumulation/Attack
Gems - sealed energy of the world "IN" when combined together more than three release various effects
Scenario (completed)
February 2023
Prototype (completed)
March 2023
Smart token contract (completed)
April 2023
Alpha test (completed)
April 2023
Closed Beta Test (Completed)
May 2023
June 2023
Chapter 1-12 release - every 1-6 months (depends on players) (in progress)
WEB 3 personal cabinet, for game account management (replenishment, minting and NFT hero download) (partially completed)
Referral program with bonuses by promo code
Purchases in the Apple/Google Pay premium store
Synchronizing the game with Discord
Notification system
Sounds and music
Visual filling with special effects
In progress:
Game start (completed)
The creators of the world of "IN"
Vladimir "Forly" is a founder and game designer.
14 years of experience in business: game development, cybersport, fin-tech
Artem "Pengulno" - DevOps, Blockchain developer
6 years of experience. Participation in writing smart contracts and issuing token for an investment company
Daniel "Fashion" is a game and neurodesigner
Experienced in working with neural networks to accelerate key design and animation tasks
As it is supposed to be, every member of our team (programmers, designers, animators, game designers, marketers, managers) loves games with all his heart (to spend free time in them, to enjoy the sharp turns of the game plot and to realize non-standard ideas).
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