About $TIN
The "IN" token is a utility token of the "IN" project of the OnGame company, serves as a premium currency for in-game purchases, and the in-game exchange allows players to earn and sell in-game gems in exchange for TIN.

Required for:
  • premium purchase
  • farming multiplier (experience, gems)
  • PVE amplifiers (for combat characteristics, for time)
  • buying and selling on the in-game market game values (trophies, equipment, etc.)
  • getting premium boxes with heroes of higher grades and items of high value
  • auctions for the lease of game buildings with the right to receive tax
  • auctions of super quality equipment items (of the highest rarity).

The mechanism of exchange of in-game currency for premium currency and back, involves a live auction of supply and demand between players and is formed by the community itself.

Below we explaining the tokenomics of the TIN token by strictly breaking down the total maximum supply, the role that TIN holders should play in the decentralized governance and support of the “IN” game. In addition, we describe in detail the various mechanisms for distribution of the token.

Maximum emission: 100 000 000 TIN

  • Treasury (staking): 50%
  • Seed: 20%
  • Team: 22.9%
  • Pre-seed: 5%
  • ICO/IDO: 1%
  • Liqudity: 1%
  • Airdrops: 0.1%


Pre-Seed, Seed, Team - vesting period by 40 months

Unlock: 2.5%/month after ICO/IDO

Circulating Supply

Vesting calendar

1% per month for 1 month
2% per month for 6 monthes
4% per month for 12 monthes
With monthly payment.

Total amount - 50% (Treasury staking)

This model motivates TIN-token holders to use the staking service in order to receive additional rewards.
And it gives the project a softer economic distribution of the token, that depends on the fans and investors of the project by themselves.
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