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Welcome to the fantasy world "IN", a world, that players will have to explore, learn to live and develop it. Also players have to explore locations and landscape, hunt dangerous monsters, build cities, discover new technologies, improve your equipment, develop your character, fight in dungeons and rifts, compete in the arena, unite in clans, own territories, receive taxes, trade accumulated property through the stock exchange. Almost any of your actions in the game allows you to earn!
Why DeFi?
The main goal of the project is to give players a social opportunity to decide the way, that will be developed. In recent years DeFi, like the topic of decentralization, has been gaining huge popularity. Freedom of choice is a base of the trend of most products and services today created.

The gaming industry has long lacked the ability to own a player’s game property, and NFT technologies come to the rescue there. Along with the balance between players, who spend a lot of time in the game, and other, who will pay for accelerate the game progress. The exchange balance of these economies is a key factor in the attractiveness of our project.
So, what is NFT?
An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a cryptographic token that represents a verifiable unique entity that is fungible. The first token, like NFT, was launched back in 2012 and was built on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, the most common NFT, ERC-721, is built on the Ethereum network.

NFT became popular in November 2017 with the launch of CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties, that is based on the blockchain and built on Ethereum, has been a subject for many scalability issues. However, the rarity of NFT ownership has caught everyone's attention. Since then, add-ons and NFTs have found their way into many games, artwork, and collectibles.
Why does “IN” game choose the APTOS blockchain?
One of the main issues that NFT projects and users are currently facing is the cost of executing transactions on the Ethereum network. Due to limits on the number of transactions Ethereum can process, netizens have raised gas prices to ensure their transactions are settled quickly. Since the average cost of an NFT transfer was $15 at the time of writing, NFT trading volume has plummeted.

The cost of gas for NFT in the APTOS network is about 0.002APT ($0.03), which makes this network absolutely comfortable for work, and the speed of transactions and working methods allow you to quickly introduce it into the game.
The main mechanics of NFT in "IN" are the mint, burn and exchange.
From the start, the standard paradigm of most NFT games became uninteresting and useless. Buy a digital asset, own it and hope it appreciates in value. Some games allow you to buy NFTs and then play with it in the game. While this is certainly an improvement, we still felt, that we could go further. There must be a way to establish an emotional connection between the players and their possessions.

We are not the only ones, who see this as a gap and subsequent opportunities, but we want to provide the most distinctive and original solution: an emotional experience, that constantly intrigued and rewarded throughout the entire process, beginning from the discovery to the end, through the constant progress and development of its property.

In the game "IN" after registering, you get a character to develop, download and improve it. To do this, you need victories, gems and various items in the game. But your every action in progress is recorded, just like any piece of equipment, especially if it turned out to be unique. Any player can create an NFT and his own hero. Put up NFT for sale or exchange. Return to the game, it means that progress and development can be monetized. The start can be faster (if the NFT character is already purchased with development progress).

That technology allows you to mint and implement only by the player's request, greatly simplifies vital process, eliminating distractions and allow players to simply explore and enjoy the world. Players are not bombarded with constant GAS fees for every little change to their gaming property. And transactions happen much faster, so players can focus on what they came here to explore, collect, fight, and earn.

Game Review

The player takes on the role of a hero explorer of a mysterious world and portal, that was randomly opened. According to the regions of the game, the way to open a portal is different: for Europe - scientists who have done a trick and instead of a teleportation device, a portal has opened. For Oceania, this is an earthquake, that opened a cave with a portal. For Asia, an explosion at a high-tech factory, for America as a result of a natural disaster and Africa as a result of the fall of an alien ship.

Each portal leads to separate location with a unique landscape and features. The task of all players collectively is to be able to build a reverse portal in order to establish a connection with this Universe and Multiverse.
Looking around, a huge populated world immediately catches your eye, inhabited by some strange monsters. Also a huge number of gems scattered on the ground. Heroes continue to arrive and the battle with monsters begins. There are no weapons at hand, but we noticed, that if the gems are connected together by 3, it can make different effects: it cause damage, heal wounds.

So, the adventure begins!
Each player can control a hero, each hero is unique in terms of avatar and set of characteristics, then as the hero develops, you can improve such as: change grade, level, increase characteristics, open skills and territory possessions.

The grades can be gray, green, blue, purple, red and gold. The higher the color of the grade, the greater the characteristics and increase in the parameters of the hero for each level.
About level: the accumulated experience is transformed into a level, which gives stat points to distribute them randomly.

With each level, there are opportunities to unlock different skills. Also, the hero can be converted to NFT, then it will become unplayable, but it can be sold / exchanged on the marketplace, and a new player can reintroduce it into the game and continue to develop it.
Photograph: Lee Scott / Unsplash
The world is inhabited by monsters of different breeds. Hunting them allows the player to gain experience, various trophies. The key feature is that each monster is endowed with special skills and trophies, some monsters are easy to find, while other are very unique and to hunt them, you need to team up with other players and search all over the world.

Also, monsters tend to make organized raids on the cities of players, and if successful, disrupt their work. Therefore, players will have to constantly take care of the protection of the city and come to the call in time.
The battle
Match 3: five stones (red, blue, yellow, green, purple).
Red - normal autoattack, Blue - auto-skill, Yellow - mana accumulation for a special skill (usage at the player's choice), Green - replenish your HP, Purple - half auto-attack and half mana accumulation.

Playing field 5*8
The field is filled with gems, the player is asked to move the nearest stones in order to connect 3 identical stones by color, which will give a certain effect. Connected stones disintegrate and new stones fall in their place from above. The goal is to have the opponent have 0 or less life. To do this, there is an attack with red, blue and purple stones. Yellow or green to activate a skill or healing.

Depending on the level of the opponent, his Life and the number of broken stones - there is a charge of experience.
How to start playing?
Start by getting your hero. Upon registration, a gray grade hero will be generated for you. During your adventures, you will encounter monsters that you can fight. For the victory, get experience and various trophies that you and other players need to develop in this world. We think this is a welcome change from games that require a lot of upfront capital to play.

There are many different development options in the game, but most of them will be difficult for gray grade players, but not useless. Over the time, players and the progress of the game world will open up new opportunities for development and progress, and even upgrades.
In-app purchases
The main currencies of the game will be gems, the main source of which is mines and hunting. Gems are needed for:

  • Purchases to increase the level of the hero, with it accumulation of experience
  • Attribute points allocations and redistributions
  • Hero skill improvements
  • All equipment improvements and creation.
  • Keeping pets
  • Offerings in religions
  • Purchase of licenses and subscriptions
  • Profession improvements
  • Construction of buildings
  • Technology development
Out of game purchases
The second currency in the game: its own cryptocurrency TOKEN "IN" (TIN), that can be obtained by buying on a third-party crypto exchange only or an internal exchange.

For TIN available:
  • Purchase of premium “Hero's Blessing”(for 30 days)
  • Buying and selling on the in-game market of game values (trophies, equipment, etc.)
  • Premium boxing with heroes of the highest grade
  • Premium shop with various chests of rare valuables
  • Auction for the rental of gaming buildings with the right to receive tax
  • Auction of super high-quality items of equipment (highest rarity)
TIN Exchange for Gems
The exchange uses the principle of an Automatic Market Maker. The liquidity pool of the TIN token for each gem allows you to exchange the required number of gems for a token and back without waiting.
Each player will have a huge selection of game activities, such as: hunting, exploring the world, mining gems or resources, protecting the city from monster attacks, training in the arena, competitions, clearing territories from monsters, exploring dungeons or faults. All these activities are unique and profitable, and most of them also bring invaluable experience.
Battle Arena.
All players will fight each other to prove who is the best hero. These players will queue up in a ranked arena where they can be matched against a random opponent of the same level or challenge other players in special arena matches. Other players will be able to watch and bet on the results. You can also leave the hero in the arena to gain experience by paying a rent.
Your hero is not only machine for killing monsters, but also can to extract resources. Head to various resource extraction locations to get gems, ores and many other useful resources, that help you to create or improve your equipment, or maybe just sell them on the in-game market for TIN.

Your hero uses equipment and of course he has fantasy weapons in his hands, that, in addition, is to improving the parameters of the hero, endowed with unique properties and skills. It will greatly diversify your battle and allow you to combine skills in group battles to achieve goals together.

Weapons can be created, sharpened, inlaid, awakened, reforged and upgraded if you spend the necessary resources, materials and gems on it. Also, like other game values, it can be sold on the domestic market.
Armor, also forged from resources mined in the game, protects you in battle. If your armor is no longer up to the monsters' strength, you will need to upgrade it. However, your choice of armor can affect the course of the battle, because each suit has different properties.

Choosing one for yourself allows you to take one of the many decisions, that you will make in the game. Also, the armor, like other game values, can be sold on the domestic market.
Premium box with heroes.
Beginning from the start, players will be offered to either get a gray grade hero for free or buy a box having a guaranteed chance of getting heroes of the highest grades.

Game and server technologies

Game Engine
The “IN” game is built on the Unity engine. Data exchange takes place in a separate simulation written in GOLAND, that completes the calculation in less than a few milliseconds. Then it’s connected to Unity where it is rendered. The player's turn is accepted, and the calculation takes place again. The simulation is deterministic, it means that the server can store very small input values and any match or action can be replayed.
Each region in the "IN" game is carefully crafted in terms of economy and design. The game uses pre-rendered backgrounds and animations to keep the game's graphical load lower, while maintaining the look and feel, rich and detailed.
Server part
Our back-end is hosted by best-in-class Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our core back-end services are built using a serverless model with AWS Lambda. It allows us to effectively provide unlimited scalability while maintaining the cost-effectiveness of the solution. Our core persistence engine is DynamoDB with used transactional features to provide an atomic, consistent, sandboxed, robust, and highly available solution, that we used. Under the hood, we used the full range of AWS monitoring and security services, including a CloudWatch, GuardDuty, Inspector, Detective and Security Hub.

Decentralized Council

Council of Heroes of "IN" game.
The origin of the “IN” project was the desire to create a decentralized role-playing game with flexible storyline, that is transparent and driven by the community of players and each action of an individual player has weight. The general vector of the development of the world depends on the advice of the players. We will describe the process and options for managing the game. It is worth noting here that in this process we took into account the advice and experience of the game designers, who have already implemented it in successful projects.
Place in the council
To get into the Council of Heroes, you need to take a place in the top-1000 ranking of your region in this season. The rating is determined by the power of the character, total indicator of all indicators and attributes of the hero, his equipment and achievements. During the voting period, a player with a place in the council is required to enter the main building and participate in the vote. Depending on the rating, the player has the weight of the vote. The weight is calculated from the formula [100/Position in the rating, rounded up to the nearest integer].
Choice to vote
The council will have to choose the next technologies for the development of their region, whether it be improvements in the mines for faster extraction of resources and gems, or improvements to the forge for high-quality equipment creation. Or even the discovery of previously unexplored technologies and improvements, which may include a new technology for improving the hero, equipment, a new type of dungeons or hunting in more distant locations, expanding the city or creating new buildings with unique features and activities.
The choice is determined by majority vote.
Learning Technology.
After the election stage, when the discovery of a technology is chosen, all players will have to perform some action to learn this technology. If you have chosen to improve the forge, you need to create the required number of items or sharpen it if you have chosen to improve sharpening in the forge. Further, when the community of players has completed this task, the study process begins and time for study depends on the amount of the token in the staking pools. The more staked, the higher the learning rate. After learning the technology, voting process begins again.
Age of Council
Members of the council of heroes will serve on the council for exactly one season, which lasts 28 calendar days. After that, the members of the council receive their awards. And at the end of the season, a new council is created.
Council rewards depend on the number of vote wins, researched technologies and taxes collected by the Town Hall.


Below we explaining the tokenomics of the TIN token by strictly breaking down the total maximum supply, the role that TIN holders should play in the decentralized governance and support of the “IN” game. In addition, we describe in detail the various mechanisms for distribution of the token.

Information about the distribution of the token

Maximum emission: 100 000 000 TIN

  • Treasury (staking): 50%
  • Seed: 20%
  • Team: 22.9%
  • Pre-seed: 5%
  • ICO/IDO: 1%
  • Liqudity: 1%
  • Airdrops: 0.1%
Pre-Seed, Seed, Team - vesting period by 40 months
Unlock: 2.5%/month after ICO/IDO

Circulating Supply

Fixed 4% per month/48% per year. With monthly payment.
This model motivates TIN-token holders to use the staking service in order to receive additional rewards. And it gives the project a softer economic distribution of the token, that depends on the fans and investors of the project by themselves.

TIN Token Consumption

We take into account the cost of the basic necessary services for the player, which will be sold only for the TIN token:
VIP tariff for a month (20% of players will use this service) = $10
Boxes with random rewards = $9 to $999
As the table shows, if there are more than 10,000 players from the start, there is already a huge deficit of the token in circulation, which will very likely lead to an increase in the price of it. And with a million players, more than 50% of the total maximum supply each month will be required per month. But since the unlocking of the token is designed for 3-6 years, the project has an excellent opportunity to smoothly and confidently gain its audience of fans and fans.

Depends on the number of active players, the following demand for the token is obtained:

Pre-seed round
Our pre-seed round is used to fund an aggressive start, launch development, research, technology selection and enable the project to attract some of the best partners in the industry. Because early stage investors take on the highest risk, they should be rewarded with the lowest price.

Seed round
The seed round is used to fund marketing, hire new employees, exchange listings and other related expenses.


Please note, that development is an ongoing process and all dates are subject to change. Any significant delays will be communicated to the community as early as possible. The timeline assumes that there are no major obstacles to development.
  1. Scenario - February 2023 (Finished)
  2. Pre-seed - 28 February 2023 (Finished)
  3. Prototype - March 2023 (Finished)
  4. Seed - 15 March 2023 (Finished)
  5. Smart contract - April 2023 (Finished)
  6. Closed beta test - May 2023 (Finished)
  7. Chapter one start - June 2023 (Finished)
  8. Launchpad - August 2023 (In progress)
  9. Chapter two and others - Every 1-6 months (depends on the players)
  1. Pre-Seed: Until to February 28, 2023
  2. Seed: until to March 15, 2023.
  3. ICO/IDO: June 2023.

  1. Pre-Seed: February 28, 2023 (completed)
  2. Seed: March 15, 2023. (in progress)
  3. Launchpad: August 2023.


The “IN” marketing strategy is a two-stream approach, targeting the two main audiences that make up our hybrid target market of crypto gamers: Defi and mainstream.

We are planning a comprehensive partnership with the most significant DeFi projects to find related apps and platforms to be included in our structure and development, leverage their communities of crypto enthusiasts and expand our own base. Part of our appeal is that we are open about our spirit of community building, not only in our collaborative approach to governance and autonomous, democratic decentralized systems, but also in our efforts to reward our base.

By offering their communities exclusive reward NFTs that are part of our special series. We aim to inspire new heroes while providing free access to giveaways of unique digital property. Random winners who will already be interested and experienced cryptocurrency users can receive NFT through our giveaway for the first time and are motivated to be loyal players forever.
The mainstream is the place, that most of the gaming community lives. Typical global consumers accustomed to centralized gaming and mass market advertising. We will take this opportunity and take a similar approach to mass marketing by partnering with YouTube influencers with huge amount of followers, who are known in niche markets and considered key opinion leaders in their respective fields of gaming, cryptocurrency, finance or popular culture.

Similar to our offering to DeFi projects, we will create targeted content and desirable gifts, that will engage their audience to introduce them to “IN” game, and incentivize loyal fans who will see our community building ethos in action.

We have already talks with several YouTubers and bloggers, who have seen our project, have been informed about our goals and believe in deal, we are doing. Their sincere interest will naturally spark new market participation.

Our Team

In our project “IN” game, collective teamwork plays an important role in developing the gameplay and fulfilling the main mission of the game: to build a portal and establish a connection between the worlds.

Just like the development team of the game, we see the important role of the synergy of skills and abilities in order to realize the main task: to create a high-quality successful p2e project.

After the successful completion of pre-seed and seed funding rounds,
it is planned to add a large number of different specialists to the team, such as programmers and managers to blockchain consultants.

Right now our team is:
Vladimir Malyshev - iis the founder and game designer.
Since an early age, gaming experience and the advent of multiplayer online games, participation in almost every project in order to maximize the study of mechanics and content.

Experience in e-commerce and marketing since 2008. From a website development studio and online advertising management, to a browser-based online games development studio. Such implemented projects as “Time of Angels” (2011) and “Illusion of Power” (2015) successfully pleased their players with new non-standard mechanics of player interaction, uniting for the sake of plot development.

Experience in e-sports: creating an e-sports school and writing an author's methodology for training e-sports coaches.

The experience of participating in p2e projects made it possible to see the missing mechanics, that would greatly facilitate the entry of newcomers into the project and would allow the project to develop more harmoniously, bringing pleasure to different categories of players.

Daniel Malyshev - game and neurodesigner.
A young ambitious specialist with a perfect command of the conversational working experience with neural networks to achieve the set goals. Connecting to the development of neural networks to speed up processes, create graphics and animation - significantly affects the process and also raises the quality of the game to a higher level.
Anton Kosmos - advisor
An expert in the field of tokenomics and listing of crypto-projects.
More than five years of experience in the analysis and audit of crypto-projects for the purpose of early investment for himself and clients. He is familiar with a large number of bloggers and youtubers of crypto-topics.
Artem Katrusha - devOps, blockchain developer.
An experienced system administrator with rich experience in high-loaded Fin-Tech projects.
Participation in writing smart contracts and issuing a token for an investment company.
Ksenia Stasevich - marketer.
An excellent specialist in the field of social and brand promotion.
Experience in working with large budgets and promotion in social and online media. She worked with companies and bloggers, built a roadmap for brand development and awareness. She perfectly feels the trends and instantly generates live newsbreaks on a current events.

As it should be, each participant of our team loves games with all heart, spend his free time in it, enjoy the sharp turns of the game plot and implement non-standard ideas.As expected, each member of our team with all his heart loves to play games, spend his free time in them, enjoy the plot twists and implement non-standard ideas.

Our Partners
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